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High Reliability

Nearly all mainframes have the ability to run (or "host") multiple operating systems and thereby operate not as a single computer but as a number of virtual machines. In this role, a single mainframe can replace dozens or even hundreds of smaller servers, reducing management and administrative costs while providing greatly improved scalability and reliability.

At Keystone Mining Post we essentially link mainframe and non-mainframe applications together at the client level. We provide built-in connectivity to mainframe-based data sources and applications across a distributed environment.

  • We offer integration tools with long-term flexibility.

  • Reliability and ease-of-use are important factors. We can simplify the access and integration of legacy data and applications with new application development tools.

      Business Logic Includes...


1. Legacy

"Legacy can be defined as 'heritage'"

Host logic and data are still mission critical, defining assets of the business.

2. Integration

"Business logic as callable services"

Expose application programming interfaces (APIs) through various technologies, including: WEB SERVICES, XML, COM

3. Transactional Access

"Enables reusability of business logic"

Essentially, link mainframe and non-mainframe applications together at the client level.

4. Direct Data Access

" Connectivity to mainframe sources"

Access mainframe-based data sources in real-time without having to understand them, or needing to manually collect the data.

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