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In addition to being a comprehensive and powerful computational atmosphere Keystone Mining Post builds in specialized functionality for many technical areas primarily the mineral environment. Every function is tightly integrated making it possible to analyze every area in detail and explore new ideas where we can make a difference.

We also offer integration and implementation services for databases and other technical software. We possess solid technical knowledge and can provide practical and cost effective solutions. Whether your deliverables are interactive applications, or enterprise systems, we can deploy your results in a wide range of formats locally or across a network with many ways to connect to and work with external systems, the goal being maximizing your productivity.

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Areas Of Development

Automatic Integration Engineering Software Control Methodology

"Automation is the key to productive computing..."

KMP applies intelligent automation in every part of our programming-integration from algorithm selection to plot layout and user interface design.

You get reliable high-quality results without needing algorithm expertise—and even if you're an expert, you get results faster.

"Specialized software to take advantage of creative..."

We build specialized functionality for many technical areas, from geological generalizations to complicated bore-drilling analysis, all tightly integrated with the rest of the system, with easy connectivity to databases, web services, and high-performance computing.

Each software solution is rigorously designed for simplicity, flexibility and ease of use.

"A cost effective way to obtain maximum results..."

We use forward technology with state of the art client/server methodology. Effective in translating designs into working code with end-to-end security features.

Tie-in mainframe experience with client/server technology. Many companies today enjoy connectivity between critical mainframe systems (legacy) and PC applications.

KMP offers technologies that are designed to incorporate functionality into both environments.

Check some of our practical application implementations...

Object-Oriented Implementation
Graphics and Animation
Games and Simulation
Sample Applications
Ore Extraction Optimization
Vectors and Matrices
Complex Numbers and Functions
Ordinary Differential Equations - Euler Method
Ordinary Differential Equations 2nd-Order Runge-Kutta
Ordinary Differential Equations 4th-Order Runge-Kutta
Higher Order Differential Equations
Nonlinear Systems


Home Math, Analysis & More,
  our established expertise..."

  Eigen Inverse Iteration
  Rayleigh-Quotient Method

  Cubic Spline Method
  Newton Divided Difference


Applied Mathematical Algorithms

    Home Complex Functions
A complex number z = x + iy, where...
     Home Non-Linear Systems
Non-linear system methods...
     Home Numerical Differentiation
Construction of numerical differentiation...
     Home Numerical Integration
Consider the function I = ah f(x)dx where...

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