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A  WEB SERVICE is an external interface provided by a website that can be called from other websites. For example, vendor mining brokers may make up merchandise price changes quotes available via a web service for those who do business with that brokerage company.

At Keystone Mining Post we develop services with information that could be read from a web page by other mining distributors and displayed, or read from a stand-alone application on a customer's desktop computer.

      Our Web Service Package includes:

Algorithms... Algorithms... Algorithms... Mining... Consulting...

Business Analysis

Identify the key business decision parameters. Create an ASP.NET Web Service in Visual Studio.

System Analysis

Analyze the data flow from diverse transaction systems. Analyze storage and delivery methods needed generating and modifying Static Discovery and WSDL Files.

Provide discovery and description for the custom Web service and create .disco and .wsdlfiles.

Architecture Infrastructure

Develop infrastructure with appropriate selection and combination of products and custom software. Deploy the Web service files to the corresponding _vti_bin directories. The _vti_bin virtual directory maps physically to Microsoft server extensions directories.

Design & Development

Design modules and databases as needed. Listing the new web Service to make the WEB service discoverable in Visual Studio as a WEB service.

The next step is to create a Windows Application to consume the Web Service.

Delivery & Installation

Delivery of service over appropriate WEB Platforms.

Additional considerations...

Use of Dynamic Pages connected Operations Management systems software to fully develop programming cycles.

Promote Performance offering quick and efficient layouts appropriate themes and code behind support effectively.

Critical Information early leading to increased organizational focus in operations at hand.

Increased Collaboration among participants with high-level of data sharing.

Please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We have the infrastructure, manpower and outsourcing skills to provide efficient solutions.


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