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A Quick Glance to Graphics and Numerical Methods...

The majority of numerical algorithms we introduce are routinely used in the mineral industry in real-world application development.

We attempt to provide a level of detail to enable our readers better understand how the mathematical models and algorithms work. We also show interactive applications to display calculated results by manipulating input.

Languages for mainframe-based implementations are mainly Cobol, PL/I and Fortran. Web applications are based on the Visual Studio.NET framework together with targeted languages such as ASP.Net for web pages, Visual Basic.Net, JavaScript, Java, C#, Visual C# and Smalltalk.

At Keystone Mining Post we include a variety of techniques we developed for our clients. These techniques cover a wide range from algebra generalizations to differential equations. We strive to add new algorithms to our solutions as often as possible.

Sample Implementations...

Object-Oriented Implementation
Graphics and Animation
Sample Applications
Ore Extraction Optimization
Vectors and Matrices
Complex Numbers and Functions
Ordinary Differential Equations - Euler Method
Ordinary Differential Equations 2nd-Order Runge-Kutta
Ordinary Differential Equations 4th-Order Runge-Kutta
Higher Order Differential Equations
Nonlinear Systems
Numerical Differentiation

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Platform Implementation

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