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"Complex Matrix"
Complex Matrix Method

Vector V = (  +   i,   +   i,   +   i, )


Complex Matrix Manipulation

As in the case of implementing a real matrix (Number Matrix Manipulation) a more complex matrix structure can be derived where matrices again can be added, multiplied and decomposed in many ways.

We show how to implement various complex matrix operations including matrix addition, subtraction, multiplication, transformation and determinant. A complex matrix can be created using either 2D complex array or by directly defining its matrix elements.

Testing Complex Matrix Method

Supporting code and methods are not included.

As a sample we provide initial input data points using complex arrays for matrix m1, matrix m2 and vector v. Results of the various mathematical operators are shown on the screen above.

The user can manipulate new vector v values. The arrays themselves are fixed and no attempt was made to provide flexibility for input.

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